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Greenford to Hyde Park

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RabbitsRock · 21/06/2023 20:04

Hi - we’re staying in Greenford at the end of the month to go to the Take That concert in Hyde Park & I’m wondering if we can get there directly by train/tube?

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RabbitsRock · 21/06/2023 22:53


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cestlavielife · 21/06/2023 22:56

Central line to marble arch
Just put

"Greenford to hyde park" into google maps

ChocHotolate · 21/06/2023 22:58

Just be aware that the tube stations nearest Hyde Park are usually closed at the end of the concerts in prevent overcrowding. There will be signposts to other central line stations but it may be a bit of a walk

cestlavielife · 21/06/2023 22:59
practicepracticepractice · 21/06/2023 23:00

Where in Greenford are you staying?

You can also get the Piccadilly line from Sudbury Hill if you're nearer that side ofe Greenford.

FancyShmanci · 21/06/2023 23:01

You can get a bus, E3 I think to Northfields tube station and get Piccadilly line to Hyde park corner

RabbitsRock · 21/06/2023 23:11

Staying at Premier Inn ( not sure if there’s more than one)

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Jwhb · 21/06/2023 23:16

You'll need to walk to Perivale tube and get the Central line.

practicepracticepractice · 21/06/2023 23:16

I just googled it. Looks like a 10 min walk to Perivale which is on the Central (red) line so you should be able to get that straight to Marble Arch.
Keep an eye out for any weekend closures.

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RabbitsRock · 22/06/2023 08:42

Thank you everyone 😊

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CatticusFinch · 22/06/2023 09:25

See you there! Due to train strikes, I have the joy of driving from the NW to London.

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