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Really weird account on Vinted

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georgarina · 21/06/2023 19:04

I found an account selling individual random unbranded teddies and soft toys for £150+ each with 100s of favourites. Not vintage or high quality, just regular toys. Seller bio just said 'no offers.'

Has anyone else seen an account like that? Are they fronts for something? So weird

OP posts:
shrunkenhead · 21/06/2023 19:11

I'm quite new to Vinted and haven't seen anything like that but then I'm mostly selling rather than looking to buy.
Sounds dodgy though and is probably money laundering and people trafficking.

reallyworriedjobhunter · 21/06/2023 19:15

Can you share a link? Buy one and x ray it?

georgarina · 21/06/2023 19:17

Annoyingly I can't find the account anymore

OP posts:
EllaRaines · 21/06/2023 19:26

Is it like eBay where if an item is out of stock they out a ridiculous high price to stop anyone buying but it keeps the advert running?

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