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How to move on

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SauceForTheGoose · 21/06/2023 16:39

I'm having an extraordinarily bad run of it at the moment. Much of what is happening currently has triggered me about the past and I feel bitter and resentful.

I don't want to feel this way. I want to feel positive and able to move forward, but I am stuck.

I see lots of references to "healing work" and I want to know how? I've had counselling and other than agreeing with me that I've been treated badly I don't seem to have got much else out of it:

Does anyone know any tips or tricks for snapping myself out of this? I'm really low and I want to feel positive about the future instead of regretting my past choices.

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SauceForTheGoose · 21/06/2023 17:16

I'm open to anything!

Book recommendations, anything.

OP posts:
SauceForTheGoose · 23/06/2023 15:14

No one?

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