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If a girl is known as Larry whats likely to be her full 'proper' name?

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oliviare · 21/06/2023 10:08

Just that really - my son has a friend in the local girls school called Larry. I have met her in passing once or twice and she seems a lovely girl. Meeting her set me wondering what her actual name is - Laurence? Asking DS about this just results in a shrug of the shoulders.

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SeaToSki · 21/06/2023 10:09


BogRollBOGOF · 21/06/2023 10:10



SerfnTerf · 21/06/2023 10:10

It's not Lowri is it?

Otherwise Larissa, Lara, Hilary...?

Rainbowqueeen · 21/06/2023 10:10

I’d also say Larissa

Are there any cultural aspects at play?

redskytwonight · 21/06/2023 10:11

Could be anything these days ... but maybe Lauren or Laura?

WhisperingAutistic · 21/06/2023 10:11

I bet its Lowri

FlippertyTibbert · 21/06/2023 10:12

Could she actually be Lowry? I know if said in my accent they can sound similar?

or maybe her folks just liked the name Larry, I know a little girl called Murphy, which would traditionally have been a male name.

MandyMotherOfBrian · 21/06/2023 10:12

Our Larry is Larissa

PTSDBarbiegirl · 21/06/2023 10:12


chemistnightmare · 21/06/2023 10:13

Larry might not even come from a shortening of her name?

ReeseWitherfork · 21/06/2023 10:14

Laurie? Laurel?

BoohooWoohoo · 21/06/2023 10:14

Is her name Lowri?
Is her surname close to Larry in sound ?

ContractQuestion · 21/06/2023 10:15

Larissa but I've not met many (one...)

shivawn · 21/06/2023 10:16

chemistnightmare · 21/06/2023 10:13

Larry might not even come from a shortening of her name?

Yeah, bit presumptuous to wonder about her "actual name" without knowing it's a nickname.

coffeecupsandwaxmelts · 21/06/2023 10:17

It could be Laurie.

loverofbono · 21/06/2023 10:19

Yip I'd say it's Laurie.

WhatCameFirstTheChickenOrTheDickhead · 21/06/2023 10:21

It's not necessarily a shortening of another name could just be a random nickname that's been picked up (or her actual full name?).

E.g. I know a Charlotte who goes by Barley and a Gabrielle who goes by Lulu.

Mumsnut · 21/06/2023 10:31


Needmorelego · 21/06/2023 10:33

Yeah….she probably isn’t actually called “Larry”.

Orban · 21/06/2023 12:03


cantcopenow · 21/06/2023 12:07

I was at college with a Larry = Larissa. But as a PP said it could be anything. My children’s nicknames are nothing like their actual given names.

Seeline · 21/06/2023 12:08

I've known two Larrys - both were Lorraine really.

RiseYpres · 21/06/2023 12:10

Laurie? I have a friend called Lorraine and she is called Lorrie.

Otherwise Laura as others have said.

I am curious now!

But agree with pp about nicknames for children often bear little relation to actual names. One of my DCs has somehow been given the nickname of 'Froggie'. Now if I heard that I'd assume his name was Fred, (or possibly Kermit!) but his real name bears no relation whatsoever.

Enko · 21/06/2023 12:12

Us it 100% Larry and not Harry? She could be Harriet.

Larissa or Clarissa are both contenders as is Laura Lara and Laurie

2bazookas · 21/06/2023 12:16


Her parents are fans of the Archers. Lucky she escaped being called Shula or Jolene.

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