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Did anyone else struggle to drive in late pregnancy?

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Pregnantandcantdrive · 20/06/2023 17:36

I’m about to pop and I am also short, with short legs. I can’t fit very comfortably behind the wheel, my bump is pressed up against the steering wheel and the seatbelt is driving me mad as it strangles me!

This is a fairly new car and I don’t know whether it’s the car that’s the problem or my pregnancy!

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karmakameleon · 20/06/2023 17:42

Me. Same issues. Short so needed to pull the seat forward as much as it will go but huge bump that didn’t fit in the remaining gap. All fine once the baby was born.

Pregnantandcantdrive · 20/06/2023 17:50

Ah that’s good to know @karmakameleon , dreading even short journeys at the moment!

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CC222 · 20/06/2023 17:55

Are you able to raise the height of your seat? I found that to be more comfortable. I drove until I gave birth in a Mini Cooper which are quite small spaced cars inside, but raising the height of the seat helped keep my tummy away from the steering wheel..

Iheartmysmart · 20/06/2023 18:07

I’m only 4ft 11 and had a classic mini when pregnant with DS. It was certainly interesting trying to drive. On the plus side, driving over speed bumps every day in it seemed to dislodge DS as he was born a couple of weeks early.

Pregnantandcantdrive · 20/06/2023 18:54

Interestingly mines a Mini Cooper as well. I have to admit I regret getting it but hoping it will be easier once I’ve had the baby.

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