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Only connect type game not NYT

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Alvinne · 20/06/2023 13:55

Sorry to post this but I've tried every search I can think of.
The other day there was a thread about the New York Times ripping off the Connecting Wall from Only Connect.
Someone posted a link to a website where users generated their own Connecting Walls and there were loads of them. Now I cant remember the website or find the link on MN so can anyone help?

OP posts:
User478 · 20/06/2023 13:56

I think?

Alvinne · 20/06/2023 13:57

Yes that's it!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!

OP posts:
CaptainWentworth · 20/06/2023 14:03

Thanks for this - I’m going to waste so much time on that site! 😂

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