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Seem to bruise/injure myself a lot recently, or is this normal?

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clumsyormore · 19/06/2023 22:21

I'm in my late 20s and otherwise healthy. In February I fell over a grate on the floor onto concrete and had quite bad bruises all over my body, including a bad one on my knee cap which still hasn't completely healed as it's still tender although I can't see it. In May I fell over again (not sure how) on concrete and bruised my other knee, I can still see the bruise slightly but it's not painful to kneel on or anything. A few weeks ago I lifted my leg to apply body lotion and whacked the side of my lower leg on the bed frame, it bruised really badly to the point where it would just throb and 2 weeks later it feels lumpy underneath still like the tissue is damaged.

People I've told have said that I seem to be hurting myself and bruising quite a lot, and it's got me wondering whether I should go to the GP about it or whether it's just a string of bad luck?

On a day to day basis I seem to hurt myself quite a lot but I feel like that's normal? Things like banging your arm on a door frame, or your ankle giving way when walking kind of thing.

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