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What small(ish) things are you grateful for?

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MuggleMe · 19/06/2023 12:56

I'm trying to adjust my thinking more positively as some tough bigger picture things going on at the mo. My 3 are:

  1. Lovely new garden furniture so I'm actually sitting out with a cuppa and having family meals outside.

2. Tumble dryer, I've been back to hanging outside but so nice not to hang damp washing everywhere when a thunder storm scuppers your plans.
3. Lovely in-laws who are chill and accommodating and seem to actively enjoy our company.

What are yours?
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AliceOlive · 19/06/2023 13:06

Nice topic!

Right now I am grateful for:

My 3 cats. They are a cat family (mom and her two children) and are delightful.

The new (to us) car we got this weekend. It’s not paid for, but I’m still happy about it. Really great price and all the features we needed.

A fun spontaneous overnight trip. We bought the car a few hours away from us, and stopped in to see sone friends there. They invited us to stay over and it was such a good time. We need more of that.

DifficultBloodyWoman · 19/06/2023 13:10

I’m grateful for my cats.

I’m even more grateful for the wonderful neighbour who rescued one cat from the roof last week at 1030 at night.

MuggleMe · 19/06/2023 23:03

Yay for cats! My DH is allergic to cats and dogs so I just have to try and entice my friends' cats to snuggle with me. Easier said than done sometimes! Dogs are more obliging.

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