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Chicken pox after vaccination?

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rosie561 · 19/06/2023 12:52

I had my DD vaccinated for chicken pox in February and March (2 jabs) and now chicken pox is going around her nursery. She started with diarrhoea on Saturday morning that is still ongoing but has a normal appetite and no spots of note that I can see. However she keeps asking me for a cuddle and then when I ask her if she's OK she says she is very itchy? Was just wondering if anyone has experience of chicken pox after the vaccination, or whether this is just two unrelated things. I've got a younger DD who isn't yet vaccinated so trying to weigh up if she will potentially catch CP too!

OP posts:
hedgehoglurker · 19/06/2023 13:04

Is it hayfever? Have you tried Piriton?

hedgehoglurker · 19/06/2023 13:05

(Two of mine are vaccinated, born after the eldest had CP. They haven't caught it despite infections in school and nursery.)

Solasum · 19/06/2023 13:07

My DS has had chicken pox twice after vaccination, but only got a couple of spots each time

PlayDohDots · 19/06/2023 13:13

I've never heard of chicken pox causing diarrhoea without spots? Sounds more like a nursery bug? However if she's been vaccinated 2x a few months ago I'd be quite reassured that it's nothing serious and cannot be contagious for DD2 without spots appearing.

DD had her first vaccine right in the middle of a chicken pox outbreak in her class. She got spots immediately afterwards (24hrs) so I'm still not sure whether it was a vaccine side effect or whether she was already exposed and the vaccine slowed it down just in time. In either case, she only ended up with 5-10 spots and no other symptoms so it wasn't bad at all.

caffelattetogo · 19/06/2023 13:28

Is it possibly a heat rash?

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