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Do you know someone with housekeeping staff?

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Cubsandmiel · 18/06/2023 22:36

If you have housekeeping staff, or know someone that does, how often do you get your sheets changed?

My friend has a housekeeper and they change the sheets once a week. TBH if I had the sort of lifestyle where I had staff, I’d like fresh sheets more often.

OP posts:
FusionChefGeoff · 18/06/2023 22:59

It would be an eco question for me so any more than once a week is a massive waste of energy.

Having said that, I've promised myself when we win the lottery I'll pay someone to iron my bedding as I love the effect / feeling but can't be arsed / don't have time to do it myself!

pimmsandgin · 18/06/2023 23:00

Once a week is fair
What else is housekeeper doing

Persse · 18/06/2023 23:23

I doubt if anyone with the least environmental sensitivity has theirs changed more often. I mean, I don’t think that ‘have staff=more frequent bedlinen changes’.

LondonPete · 19/06/2023 00:01

My aunt has staff.
They change the beds every 2-3 days.
I love staying there, such a shame she lives so far away

ASGIRC · 19/06/2023 00:19

My mom has a housekeeper mon-fri, for 5h a day. Beds get changed once a week, tops.
It is so environmentally unfriendly to do it more often, unless there has been an accident of some sort!
housekeeper also has other things to do, not just changing sheets!

Housekeeperbatcocoa · 19/06/2023 00:48

pimmsandgin · 18/06/2023 23:00

Once a week is fair
What else is housekeeper doing

As a housekeeper, I change the beds once a week because that's what the homeowner wants. I also iron the bedding.

In addition, I do -

-clean the bathrooms daily
-clean the kitchen daily (counters and such)
-load and unload the dishwasher
-any other cleaning like internal windows, mopping, dusting, polishing the silver and brass, cleaning skirting boards and so on
-walk the dog
-book appointments
-any other laundry/ironing
-plan, book and put away the weekly grocery shop

  • keep track of what household supplies need ordering and make sure it's done

-once a month totally empty the fridge and wipe it out
-clean the washer and dryer filters monthly
-drive the homeowner to appointments

Honestly there's probably more that i just can't think of right now!
FridayNightDinners · 19/06/2023 00:50

I have a friend with ft staff who has fresh sheets every day😬

Tiredworkingmumofmany · 14/09/2023 20:15

How long would you say it should take to clean a pub, small restaurant plus housekeeping which is when full 7 rooms 7 bathrooms 2 landings and a small amount of KP work washing up and putting away ?

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