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Chest infection?

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Imamumgetmeoutofhere · 18/06/2023 20:29

Can I have a chest infection without coughing up mucus?

I've had a bit of a wheeze since Wednesday. Thought originally it may have been due to hayfever and the pollen count but it's not easing even with more antihistamines.

My chest feels tight, almost as if my bra is too tight and I'm definitely wheezing more and feeling a bit off. A slight temp but nothing much, could just be due to how hot it's been.

Very unlikely to be covid as has that less than 3 months ago.

Any ideas?

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Imamumgetmeoutofhere · 18/06/2023 20:33

Just want to add I've been coughing a bit but mostly when exerting myself. Had asthma as a child but outgrew it in my teens

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thaegumathteth · 18/06/2023 20:54

Yep could definitely be a chest infection

Imamumgetmeoutofhere · 18/06/2023 21:54

Crap. Last time I had one I was on steroids, antibiotics and an inhaler. Was told if I'd left if much longer before seeing a GP it may have gone to pneumonia.

Off to the GP I go tomorrow. Provided I can get an appointment of course

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PoseyFlump · 18/06/2023 22:01

Hayfever has had me feeling wheezy lately (especially since grass pollen appeared) and when it's humid.

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