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Please help me find this photo

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LostMyUserName · 18/06/2023 17:01

I'd love to find a copy of this print to buy. I've tried a Google image search, to no avail.

I know the location is the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore but unfortunately I don't have the name of the photographer.

Cam anyone help me find it?

Please help me find this photo
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24Dogcuddler · 18/06/2023 17:05

Lots of different prints with that title on Wayfair.
Found the name John Harper linked to one.
Don’t know if that helps?

LostMyUserName · 18/06/2023 17:13

You pair of beauts! Thank you @24Dogcuddler and @CanOfGerms 😘

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thatsn0tmyname · 18/06/2023 17:13

A screenshot then Google lens search brought me to Peter Yan studios. The picture descriptor had the photographer talking in first person so I'm assuming he took it.

LostMyUserName · 18/06/2023 17:19

Thank you @thatsn0tmyname

One of my searches also took me to Peter Yan studios but I can only see a daytime version on the site.

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CanOfGerms · 18/06/2023 23:47

I searched ‘supertrees photographer aerial’ if that helps.

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