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Is bird poo dangerous? I have just been pooed on and it splashed in my face

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molescare · 18/06/2023 12:17

I am sitting in a parked car with my kid asleep in the back. Under a tree so I'm in the shade. Windows open.

A bird just took an almighty shit and it has landed right on the window bit and splashed all over me and in my face.

Am I going to die? 😆🤣

OP posts:
TherebytheGraceofGodgoI · 18/06/2023 12:18

Well, it’s considered lucky so time to buy a lottery ticket!

squirrelsareeverywhere · 18/06/2023 12:19

Poor you OP. What a way to ruin nap time!

I think you will survive ok though.

catsnhats11 · 18/06/2023 12:19

No but don't accidently get any in your mouth or you could get a nasty sickness bug from the bacteria

molescare · 18/06/2023 12:20

Ahh it literally splashed me on the lip. 🤢🤢🤢🤢

OP posts:
PastTheGin · 18/06/2023 12:20

You will now turn into a bird.

molescare · 18/06/2023 12:22


OP posts:
HarassedByASasquatch · 18/06/2023 12:22

It can have salmonella in it

molescare · 18/06/2023 12:23

@HarassedByASasquatch how likely? I'm scared to google it

OP posts:
limitedperiodonly · 18/06/2023 12:38

molescare · 18/06/2023 12:23

@HarassedByASasquatch how likely? I'm scared to google it

The risk it will have salmonella in it and you will die is so vanishingly small you have no need to worry. There, you don't need to Google.

Now go and get an soft ice cream cornet with a generous dripping of lime sauce.

SirVixofVixHall · 18/06/2023 12:43

If you washed your face it should be fine. I once had a bird poo on my head. Uggh. I was fine .

OhhhhhhhhBiscuits · 18/06/2023 12:48

My daughter ate bird shit in the nursery garden once. I had to call the GP and when he had finished laughing he said she would be fine.

molescare · 18/06/2023 13:29

Thanks 😊 😆

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