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Plant id sage this is a geranium

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drstranger · 18/06/2023 10:14

Is that correct ? I always thought it was a weed!!

Plant id sage this is a geranium
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rainbowunicorn · 18/06/2023 10:17

Yes it is Cranes bill, a hardy geranium.

drstranger · 18/06/2023 11:19

Oh thank you! It's really spread everywhere so I was sure it was just a weed

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Singleandproud · 18/06/2023 11:25

Weeds are any plant growing in the wrong place.

Most plants associated as being 'weeds' are just native wildflowers.

MattBerrysHair · 18/06/2023 11:28

It's a Geranium sanguineum. Very much considered to be not a weed!

drstranger · 18/06/2023 12:32

It is very pretty

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