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The Fathers Day Handhold

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JustCheckingUp · 18/06/2023 05:54

First FD estranged from my dad after drawing boundaries didn’t go well. It’s affected a lot of other relationships and despite thinking I was ok, today has hit me.
I haven’t slept.
So if you need a handhold through today for whatever reason, find it here ❤️

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ReformedWaywardTeen · 18/06/2023 05:55

I've not spoken to either of my parents voluntarily for 25 years.
I promise you it gets easier

What I would suggest is making or having delivered your favourite meal, put a good film on and relax. Really look after yourself today.

JustCheckingUp · 18/06/2023 06:05

Thanks @ReformedWaywardTeen, that’s a good shout.
it’s probably really normal to be processing a lot on these sort of occasions, feels like there’s a lot of emotions flying around my head

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