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What time does your 9yo go to sleep?

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Allsortsmakesnormal · 17/06/2023 09:32

I appreciate it's been very warm at night for the past week (at least where I am!), which is probably a big factor, but I'm just interested to see when other 9yo are dropping off. DS goes to bed at 9pm but isn't falling asleep until about 10. He has to be up for school at 7.30 but usually wakes a bit before this. Didn't hear a peep from him until 8 this morning. I'm just a bit worried that 10pm is quite late for a 9yo but I know there's not a lot I can do about it!

OP posts:
Littlebean13 · 17/06/2023 09:41

My 9year old ds sounds very similar to yours. We have him in bed, pjs on and teeth cleaned for 8.30 but we don’t do lights out till 9.15pm so if gives him time to wind down. He normally reads a little to me and then I’ll read a couple of chapters to him and then we have a little chat about anything and nothing.
He is very similar in that he struggles to drop off so I’d say most nights he actually falls to sleep anywhere between 9.30-10pm.
He is up for school at 7.50. Some days he will already naturally have woken but most days I have to wake him up but he is fine, doesn’t seem too tired.

onlyconnect · 17/06/2023 09:44

Mine's the same. My older child went to sleep much earlier until she was about 12 so this is disconcerting to me. Last night it was after ten. I really want him to sleep at 9 ( which I think is already late) but it never happens.

GreenMarigold · 17/06/2023 09:46

My 9 year old goes to sleep between 9 and 10 most nights. She normally wakes up naturally at 7.

She has roughly kept the same hours since she was 5 and shows no signs of tiredness so I’ve just accepted that’s her sleep pattern.

Allsortsmakesnormal · 17/06/2023 11:27

Thanks for the replies. He doesn't seem particularly tired other than he seems to get more and more hyperactive as bedtime draws near which I translate that as being over tired. I have a 14yo DS as well who goes to bed at 10 and I'm just finding it a bit odd that the younger one is still awake when the older one goes to bed, doesn't seem right!

OP posts:
Howmanysleepsnow · 17/06/2023 11:30

Mine goes to bed at 10 on school nights, wakes naturally about 7.15-7.30. At weekends he goes to bed when he wants, which could be up to 11, though he’s sensible enough to take himself off when he’s tired and has the occasional early night around 9-9.30.

YouJustDoYou · 17/06/2023 11:33


Libmama · 17/06/2023 11:34

Mine goes to bed at 7.30 and reads for half an hour. He goes to sleep at 8 and is usually asleep quite quickly. He is an early riser though and is awake by 6/6.30 most days. Hence why he goes to bed earlier than most!

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