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Temp 39.4

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arbitraryarsehole · 16/06/2023 17:53

Should I be worried? 10 year old, vomiting in the night, very lethargic today but no other obvious cause for concern.

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babypleasenow · 16/06/2023 18:07

111 for sure. Kids can go downhill VERY quick, sounds like they are already but don't risk it.

MrsHsGirl · 16/06/2023 18:09

Is it going down with paracetamol? If so I'd assume a virus, make sure you are aware of red flags to look out for and just keep a close eye on them

Summerishereagain · 16/06/2023 18:12

Have you given paracetamol or nurofen yet? Make sure they are drinking.

For the very lethargic alone I would ring 111z

FortofPud · 16/06/2023 18:13

It wouldnt make me worried if those were the only symptoms and for that duration. I would be keeping an eye on their temperature, urine output etc and encouraging plenty of fluids. On its own it sounds like standard unwell child.

arbitraryarsehole · 17/06/2023 19:49

Thanks all. The high temp was scary because he was confused and frightened but once it was down he was ok. & almost back to normal today.

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