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Friday summer evenings

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frozendaisy · 16/06/2023 16:18

We, as a family, are not built for anything approaching a high (even moderate) UV count, but Friday summer evenings, doors open, garden ready. Not too bad is it

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tobee · 16/06/2023 16:26


Sunnysidegold · 16/06/2023 16:40

I've been dreaming of coming home from work and sitting outside with a cold drink

Lemonademoney · 16/06/2023 17:06

paddling pool filled and water guns laid out ready for the kids when they got home tonight. Their faces when they walked outside were brilliant! They’ve had the best hour running round the garden before tea.

RiseYpres · 16/06/2023 17:06

I'm loving it.

I have made up some real lemonade and treated us to a full M&S sizzler and salad extravaganza.

Now for a bit of netflix then dinner.

frozendaisy · 16/06/2023 17:49

Real lemonade well jel now!

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