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The Alps - Tick bourne encephalitis

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Youknowaboutthepaint · 16/06/2023 14:13

My travel advice says no compulsory vaccinations but you may want to consider one for tick bourne encephalitis.

How much of a problem are ticks in that region and would you/have you had the vaccination.

I'm by no means anti vaxx but also not keen to have unnecessary ones. I have asked GP surgery, but they weren't willing/able to advise.

Also do people not wear shorts when hiking in the Alps or is vigilance and a tick remover sufficient?

OP posts:
Lonelycrab · 16/06/2023 14:19

I’ve had multiple summer trips to the Alps, normally Morzine area for mountain biking, so out all day in the hills.

Never once had a tick there, neither have those I’ve gone with.

However I also go to Wales for the same in Snowdonia and often pick them up there. I’m surprised if I don’t have a few infact.

Just my experience so don’t take it as gospel but thought I’d share.

Youknowaboutthepaint · 16/06/2023 14:24

Yes, I thought that might be the case. The notes make it sound like everyone in the region is scared of ticks. I'm not sure if they carry encephalitis in UK though?

OP posts:
Lonelycrab · 16/06/2023 14:27

In the U.K. it’s Lyme isn’t it. But despite having been bitten many times (my friends call me the tick magnet) I thankfully haven’t had that yet. Not being complacent as it’s pretty awful but I think as long as youre vigilant with a tick remover tool and get them off quickly, the chances are reasonably low, from experience.

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