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Infected Tooth Root under a crown

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matthew197 · 16/06/2023 13:40

Intolerable pain in a top molar that has been crowned. Been to dentist and prescribed Metrinidazole for 7 days - anyone had any infection in the tooth cleared up with anti-biotics alone please?

OP posts:
RudsyFarmer · 16/06/2023 13:46

It’s not going to do it. I’m really sorry but you need to know the truth. It will clear up the infection temporarily but your tooth needs treatment. Has the original tooth had a root canal before? The crown will most likely have to come off. The original tooth will need a root canal and then the crown replaced. Worst case scenario is obviously losing the tooth and having either a partial denture, a bridge or an implant.

matthew197 · 16/06/2023 13:56

Thank you, it's what I thought too to be honest.

OP posts:
mrandmrsrobinson · 16/06/2023 14:36

I've had a root canal procedure through a crown that's part of a bridge. It can be done.

Need to find a specialist dentist, two visits and it cost me a £1k

CornishGem1975 · 16/06/2023 14:41

As the previous posters have said, antibiotics are a temporary fix. I have a root infection and not even bothering with root canal, having the tooth whipped out. It's far enough back that you can't see it but the pain and hassle will be gone for good!

AcclimDD · 16/06/2023 14:45

It's far from ideal to do root canal treatment through a bridge or a crown. Usually they're removed and a temporary crown made. What @RudsyFarmer said OP, antibiotics will dampen it down until you have definitive treatment-either extraction or RCT.

GulfCoastBeachGirl · 16/06/2023 14:49

Antibiotics are a (very) temporary fix. You may be able to have a root canal thru the existing crown or (more likely) they'll remove the crown for a root canal and you may require a new crown as the shape of the tooth has changed.

Don't wait too long before having this taken care of, OP. The infection can cause deterioration of the jaw bone beneath the tooth (even if the pain disappears) and that is something you definitely do not want.

Greybeardy · 16/06/2023 16:13

Also had a root canal done through a crown. Seems to have done the job.

mynameiscalypso · 16/06/2023 16:24

I have had this. I waited too long to have the tooth removed and the infection has spread into the bone and, potentially, compromised the neighbouring tooth. That's despite antibiotics. I wish I'd had it extracted years ago.

matthew197 · 16/06/2023 16:53

Thanks all for the comments

OP posts:
blueshoes · 16/06/2023 17:02

I did a root canal but the root canal failed a year later, terrible tooth ache and infection spread to the bone as another poster said. I still had to have the tooth extracted despite already paying for the root canal/crown and incurred the cost of the implant in addition.

I have the same problem again on another tooth. This time I am going straight for extraction and implant. It is not a cheap option but cheaper and good solution in the long run IMO.

Nowadays I take good care of my teeth because dental treatments are so expensive!

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