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21st gift for DS Girlfriend

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ButterflyParody · 16/06/2023 11:56

We are paying for her to come on a 5 day break with us, hotel and travel and this is actually her gift as it’s obviously quite a cost. . I would however like to give her a small gift on the day which is next week. The holiday isn’t until next month. They have been dating for 4 years and she is such a lovely young woman.

Any ideas? I am suffering with terrible hay fever so my heads a bit fuzzy.

OP posts:
mindutopia · 16/06/2023 12:00

What sorts of things does she like? A book is always a thoughtful gesture if she likes to read or has a particular interest (my MIL often buys me books). In terms of cosmetics and clothes, a 21 year old could be tricky to buy for unless you know her well, but a gift card to somewhere you know she likes and some flowers?

Parky04 · 16/06/2023 12:02

We recently bought our DS girlfriend a bracelet with a tiny elephant on it (her favourite animal) for around £20. She was very grateful.

ButterflyParody · 16/06/2023 12:04

She does love reading but already has. A stack of books, also make up but I bought her a set of cosmetic brushes for Christmas. She is in to the gym big time as is DS. She also loves baking, I am no baker.

OP posts:
ButterflyParody · 16/06/2023 12:05

Actually a small piece of silver jewellery is a good idea, I can get online as well as I’m laying low due to pollen bomb situation, never felt so dreadful with hay fever.

OP posts:
fyn · 16/06/2023 12:06

Monica Vinader has a really decent sale on if she likes jewellery!

peachescariad · 16/06/2023 12:06

Cocktail/gin/champagne glasses (LSA do stunning glasses)
Unusual piece of jewellery (not naff!)
Travel jewellery box
Little handbag (Calvin Klein goes down well)

Highlighta · 16/06/2023 12:20

I have a DD the same age and she asked for a set of Le Creuset mugs 😃

Some ideas having a same aged DD:
A purse or bag
Perfume if you know what she likes
Jewellery as previously mentioned
Jewellery box
Branded cap/hat
You could do a voucher if you don't settle on something, but I find them a bit impersonal for a 21st.

Highlighta · 16/06/2023 12:21

Oh I see Peaches had similar ideas.

I will rtft next time 🙈

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