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Diabetic chocolate cake or other cakes recipes?

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x2boys · 16/06/2023 10:29

My son finishes
Hes recently been diagnosed with diabetes and wants me to make him a sugar free chocolate cake
Is this possible and does any one have any recipes they are willing to share ?

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ReviewingTheSituation · 16/06/2023 10:48

Does he have T1 diabetes (and using insulin)? If so, why are you looking for a sugar-free cake? Why not just make a normal cake and jab accordingly.
A sugar free cake will not be carb-free (flour), so you'll still need to jab. It's hard enough being diabetic as it is, without feeling like you're compromising/missing out. I think being able to do 'normal' things is really important.

x2boys · 16/06/2023 10:54

He has type 3 c ,it's a rare type caused by pancreas damage, it's treated as type, 1 as in he's insulin dependent,but his blood sugars have been very erratic ,and we are not sure if his pancreas is producing any insulin ( it's possible with type 3 c for the pancreas to produce insulin randomly .

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HatchetJob · 16/06/2023 10:54

What regiment is he on? I would make a normal cake and have him plan it into his diet, that’s what DH has always done. Sugar free would mean lots of sweetners which isn’t good for your stomach.

HatchetJob · 16/06/2023 11:12

He’s be better having a small piece than sugar free.

TheSandgroper · 16/06/2023 11:25
CurlyQueues · 16/06/2023 11:48

To reduce the glycemic index in baked things I replace some of the flour with ground almonds. You could add some grated beetroot or courgette to moisten it and use a bit less sugar than the recipe says.

If you're icing it, it'll be that that spikes his blood more than the sponge, so anything you can do to reduce the amount of icing sugar will be helpful.

There is a Facebook page called Type1LCUK Group which often has recipes from All Day I Dream About Food which is a keto website. Not something I use but you might find something there.

MeMyCatsAndMyBooks · 16/06/2023 11:53

This is a good alternative to sugar or half spoon sugar. My son has T1D this is what we use, that said long as you bolus correctly and he drinks plenty of water he should be fine :)

Diabetic chocolate cake or other cakes recipes?
Diabetic chocolate cake or other cakes recipes?
Cakeorchocolate · 16/06/2023 12:04

I asked this question on a baking group on I'm on last year when my dad was diagnosed. All of the answers (including from diabetics) were to make normal and just eat a small portion / plan accordingly.
I know it's probably not the answer you want if you DS wants to tuck into a huge choc cake though.

ASHMUN · 12/09/2023 19:42

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