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25mg sertraline to 50mg plus partner problems

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blondewhoneedshelp · 16/06/2023 10:07

Okay so I have emetophobia, starting sertraline at 25mg has been a huge stress because I have fibromyalgia so side effects hit me hard. I’m on day 16 and the doctor has said I need to up my dose to 50mg. I’m petrified. I already still feel terrible. I’m anxious, my stomach is so messed up, my partner has gone to work and I won’t moan on the internet but I found out some things last night and long story short we having a break from each other. He stays at my home as he used to live with his parents. His parents won’t take him back so annoyingly I have to pack bits and go and stay with a friend. I’m blessed to have her but she lives in the middle of nowhere and I’m already struggling with the side effects, I’m so scared to go higher and then be far away from any hospital for help.

the main point to this message is, has anyone got any tips or positive stories about their jump up in meds? Did you feel absolutely awful all over again? Was it worse than when you first started? I’m at such a low point in my life I genuinely don’t feel like I can survive anymore which is why i know I need to force myself to go to 50mg

OP posts:
INeedAnotherName · 16/06/2023 10:29

Whoa whoa whoa! You've said a lot here and quite frankly I think you need to go back to your GP.

  1. The problems with your Ex are causing you extreme stress (and could be affecting the type and strength of medication).

2. Having to leave your home under duress causing you extreme stress (and could be affecting the type and strength of medication).
3. Your level of panic regarding upping the strength is also a red flag.

Please please go back and tell them everything.

Also the fact that he has nowhere to go (including his parents) is not your problem to fix. Is the house in your name only? If yes, pack his bags not yours.
Hexjex · 16/06/2023 11:39

I’m not a medic, but surely it’s best to wait for the side effects of the initial dosage to die down before upping the dose?

I react very strongly to medications generally. I do find GPS rather gung-ho about this. Side effects may (or may not) settle down but sone doctors forget you have to “live” in the meantime. I’d check back with your GP and ask them.

I felt well with Settraline first time on first dosage, though later on there was an issue of some kind (I forget).

A few years later I took it I got an extreme craving for alcohol. Normally I’d have a glass of wine with dinner, now all of a sudden I was knocking it back to a hangover point, it was like I couldn’t stop, the craving was so strong. Quite scary and I thought oh this must be similar to what it’s like to being an alcoholic. I had to stop immediately. This side effect they don’t list on their leaflet but I found others had experienced it when I searched on the net.

So if I took setraline again I’d probably go even slower in building up dosage, as I’m very sensitive to drug side effects it seems.

re. your partner or ex-partner if he is a source of stress rather than support - you know what to do.

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