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UK break with friends- dinner ideas

18 replies

TeaVino · 16/06/2023 10:01

Group of 6 of us are doing a UK self catering break next week. With the weather looking reasonably still warm I’m looking for dinner ideas which are fairly quick, easy and tasty for the group that doesn’t mean we’re spending loads of time in the kitchen. Other than bbqs and salads I’m getting stuck!

OP posts:
Pancakeorcrepe · 16/06/2023 10:03

Burrito night, chilli, curry.

Coronationstation · 16/06/2023 10:05

take a slow cooker and chuck something in that before going out for the day
have a look at roasting tray recipes where you chuck everyone on one tray in the oven (although i'd probably make that decision when you get there and check what kitchen equipment they have!)
quiche (ready made!), new potatoes & salad
we often make a spag bol in advance, freeze it and let it defrost on the journey so that's dinner for the first night covered

Coronationstation · 16/06/2023 10:05

fajitas are easier than burritos as everyone can assemble their own and you don't need to put the oven on!

DeflatedAgain · 16/06/2023 10:06

Curry night!

TeaVino · 16/06/2023 12:49

Thanks! I might add tacos (thanks for the Mexican suggestion) as a help/serve yourself night to the list!

OP posts:
edwinbear · 16/06/2023 14:02

In this sort of weather you can't go wrong with a selection of cold meats, cheese, olives and crusty bread. Few figs, grapes, chutneys and truffle honey for the cheese.

TheFlis12345 · 16/06/2023 14:05

Tray bakes, Jamie Oliver has some great ones. I like the one he does with salmon and prawns. Chuck it all in a roasting tin to cook and then serve with a green salad and crusty bread.

Augend23 · 16/06/2023 14:09

If you can shove a slow cooker in the car, I really like a pork mince ragu - pretty much can just ignore it all day and then shove some garlic bread and pasta on with bagged salad for ease.

Alternatively, there's a really tasty Jamie Oliver pasta sauce: I add fried chorizo too. Takes about 10 minutes, super low effort.

toastofthetown · 16/06/2023 14:12

Tacos was going to me my suggestion. Something meaty, refried beans, frijoles, pico de gallo, guacamole, a spicier salsa, stack of corn tortillas.

Curry is also great, especially if you prep at home and reheat on the night, it takes very little time. The Dishoom broccoli salad is fairly easy to prepare as side, but it’s delicious.

Tapas is higher effort depending how mow much you could prepare in advance and how much time you’re willing to put into it (or buy in!) but so good.

viques · 16/06/2023 14:15

Pizza bases then a range of things to build your own. Tomatoes, olives, mozzarella cheese, salami, olive oil, pineapple slices( joking)

viques · 16/06/2023 14:20

A mumsnet chicken or a couple of normal small ones, or one chicken and a few extra limbs, bung in the oven with a lemon and some herbs. Pull apart when cooked and have with baked potatoes and salad. Especially good if the self catering comes with electricity included!

TheHighQueenOfTheFarRealm · 16/06/2023 14:25

How many days are you going for? Everyone should share taking charge of the meals.

Everyone chip in for pizza delivery/take away one night

Pasta is always an easy one. Pesto and chicken or whatever else you like.

Potato and salmon/any fish traybake

AdaColeman · 16/06/2023 14:31

Chicken Caesar salad using ready cooked chicken, (bought or precooked at home).

Salade Niçoise, the taste of summer! Easy to do, and looks fab. Make up on individual plates, or do platters of the various ingredients for people to serve themselves.

Fish/seafood selection, smoked salmon, prawn cocktail etc. Just add a green salad and some bread.

Bought pizza that you can add a selection of your own garnishes to,

SallyWD · 16/06/2023 14:48
  • Jacket potatoes are so easy. We like them with mayonnaise, prawns and dill. Also love adding a dollop of hummus and some roasted veg
  • Also love tabbouleh. We have it with either sea bass fillets, salmon or grilled halloumi. This recipe is very simple, light and delicious:

-Also like buying a few quiches and having with different salads
-These halloumi burgers are delicious and ready in 10 minutes:
StrictlyAFemaleFemale · 16/06/2023 15:08

I'd take my slow cooker and do pulled pork with coleslaw.

UsingChangeofName · 16/06/2023 15:26

If on holiday, presumably there will be a compulsory "fish and chips on the front" on night ?
Pub meal another night.
Then things no-one has to really cook - some supermarket pizzas to bung in the oven...... pasta with a tomato-y sauce and can chuck in some ham or choritzo and so forth........Jacket potatoes

cocksstrideintheevening · 16/06/2023 15:30

Paella 🥘

Maddy70 · 16/06/2023 15:41

I second fajitas. Really easy



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