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Not quite 7 and I've already

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NotQuiteUsual · 16/06/2023 06:57

Hung the laundry outside, brewed a pot of coffee, sorted the dog, sorted myself, cleaned a little and enjoyed a coffee in a silent house. I can hear tiny footsteps upstairs now.

Honestly why is waking up so early either the most blissful thing ever, or so painful you want to sleep forever and never wake up?! Where'd the in-between?!

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thenewaveragebear1983 · 16/06/2023 07:00

It’s the best time of the day. I’ve done nothing this morning except drink my coffee and mumsnet! But most morning I’ll exercise, drink coffee, prep dinner, make sandwiches, clean, washing…. I can do so much in that time, i wfh so some days I have 3 hours from wake up to log on!

LittleAlishas · 16/06/2023 07:02

Wow I'm very impressed ☺️ I've been awake for about half an hour and I've just been scrolling MN and Instagram haha!

Waitingforsummer75 · 16/06/2023 07:05

I've fed the cat and let her out. Done all the washing up, hung out one load of washing, second load is in now. Showered and been for a walk to get milk so I can have my second cup of coffee.
The cat is now sound asleep after waking me at 5.15 and I'm wide awake so I'm going to log on and do some work.

redspottedmug · 16/06/2023 07:08

Emptied dishwasher
Fed and watered the house plants
Wash on
Enjoying toast and tea now.

Disclaimer: I'm home alone today!

NotQuiteUsual · 16/06/2023 07:09

I quickly sorted the kids school bags and I'm now trying to wake DH. He very much falls into the second category and is very hard to wake. I even brought him tea in bed, ungrateful sod! I've done his morning jobs too since he's not been sleeping lately.

I might have to join you early risers, it really was lovely.

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