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4yo DS extremely excited by board games - normal?

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Flowersforbees · 15/06/2023 13:55

My son gets extremely over excited by board games - I'm wondering whether it is normal or almost a bit like he's stimming and there might be more going on.

He is very good at them (not a stealth post) and can beat me and his 6 year old sibling, we play a lot of strategic games (like labyrinth) and the second he picks up a card he places it in an excellent spot that would take me a good few seconds to think through.

So he will bounce, flap his hands, lots of grabbing his penis (over his clothes!) and generally be so overcome by excitement he can't keep it all bottled up. He will get so excited he tries to take other people's turns for them and is rather bemused when they don't put their card in a place he deems much more appropriate / strategic.

He's ok socially, can sometimes physically recoil in an unfamiliar situation and does get overwhelmed in shops. But he has friends. Eye contact is fine but he won't look at a camera so most photos are of him looking to the side. There was an issue at nursery where he was obsessed about what the meals would be / when they would be / how much he would have to the detriment of his enjoyment there but that seems to be better now.

I'm wondering whether there might be some kind of very high functioning ASD going on, or maybe he's just very clever?

Posting here as SEN chat seems to be fairly low traffic.

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MuggleMe · 15/06/2023 18:22

He sounds fab. I do think it might be worth exploring ASD as a possibility, excellent logic and problem solving, possible stimming, struggles with transition (new situations) sensory overload etc. Does he have proper conversations or does he 'speak at' others, how flexible is he with playing, my ASD DD was very rigid with how imaginative games should be played. And remember children with ASD are are different, my DD hated 'winning games'.

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