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What temperatures are you using since the energy crisis?

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SharkSip · 15/06/2023 11:50

Since the energy crisis began, did you adapt and reduce energy usage around the home?

I was clothes like t-shirts, trousers or dresses in cold water or 30 degrees maximum. Socks and underwear is washed at 40 degrees. Towels and bedding at 40 unless if there is sickness and it's increased to 60 degrees but that would be once or twice a year.

My mother never adapted and her washing machine is run at 60 degrees.

OP posts:
MrsSkylerWhite · 15/06/2023 11:52

30 for most things, short cycle too. Not noticed a difference.

Bewilderedandhurt · 15/06/2023 11:57

The washing powders and liquid are designed to be effective at low temps. There really is no need to wash at temps higher than 40'C. If you want to kill bacteria then temps above 124'C are required so that is not possible in domestic machines.

Hazelnuttella · 15/06/2023 12:01

60 degrees is a lovely warm temperature to encourage bacteria, it won’t kill them.

Higher temperatures also stop bio washing powder from working properly as it denatured the enzymes.

I wash everything at 30

gingercat02 · 15/06/2023 12:05

I use the Eco cycle for everything,
Always have. Washer, dishwasher, coffee machine. Everything that has one

LadyJ2023 · 15/06/2023 12:11

It was impossible to reduce anything in our house with 4 kids. But I always use eco on dishwasher and washing machine anyway

HappiDaze · 15/06/2023 12:20

I use 40 for most things but 30 for more delicate fabrics and 60 stops my dishcloths smelling at 40 they still smell musty

TheCatterall · 15/06/2023 12:29

Always done a mini wash at 30. For everything. Not dead yet.

I occasionally use a 40 wash for my sons work gear as he works with a lot of chemicals in a factory and it makes his gear quite smelly and uncomfortable.

Towels done at 30 and hung outside.

We also have unplugged and switched off all sockets not in use. Things aren’t left on standby or plugged in when not needed - chargers etc.

We make sure the fridge and freezer are used in an every efficient manner.

Showers are shorter.

Temp of water and heating turned down on boiler.

bonfirebash · 15/06/2023 12:30

Always used 40 but I've recently been washing some at 60 - I sweat heavily at night and my pj tops were smelling around the neck. Washing those at 60 has stopped it

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