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Something has just clicked in my brain this week

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KateyCuckoo · 15/06/2023 10:10

So the least interesting thing about me but which affects dozens of my day to day decisions, is that I am obese, bmi is 42.

I've spent many a summer sweating it out in unsuitable clothing which made me feel hotter and sweatier and lethargic in a desperate attempt to hide my body. I feel shit and eat even more.

On Sunday I started (another) diet. Just eating less at the moment and making better choices where I can, nothing too drastic. Lots of fruit and vegetables and water.

This has already changed my feelings about my body, I've ordered a ton of new clothes that are summery and cool and actually fit. Bras, pyjamas, t shirts, shorts, dresses!

I love them! I feel cool and comfortable and I don't care if anyone is bothered by the sight of my legs. I probably drew far more attention to them in black joggers and jeans in 30 degree heat.

And in a wonderful full circle, its making me want to choose healthier options when it comes to eating.

I hope this lasts, will be gutted if I lose this motivation.

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thecatsthecats · 15/06/2023 11:16

Sounds great.

I've been there. I don't think people who haven't understand that you actually have to feel GREAT about yourself to commit to the changes. You have to feel like you both deserve and can achieve the sustained change to make it happen.

That doesn't happen when people make you feel like shit or you feel like you look like shit.

I bet you look great, and you CAN do this.

thecatsthecats · 15/06/2023 11:19

Oh, and of you get down about it - just remember that you DESERVE to put yourself and your body first. You will feel better for losing weight, and you deserve the good feeling that comes from eating nice, nutritious food and the endorphins of exercise.

(I had to tell myself that a lot some days when the exercise and food choices seemed like a punishment, but they really aren't.)

CornishGem1975 · 15/06/2023 11:22

A whole lot of dieting/lifestyle change is in the mind. If I am in the right mindset I am a machine, if I'm not, I am doomed to fail. I need to lose a stone, I feel shit about myself but I also feel dreadful generally about a lot of things - I need to sort that stuff out first before I can start thinking about diet etc, my head needs to be in the right place.

greenstrawberry · 15/06/2023 11:24

Great!!! just beware of the pushback point. Sounds great but at some point you'll get bored or rebellious and want to binge, so maybe work out ways around such a time for when it arises and have a contingency plan e.g. cheat day, how to get back on the wagon etc.

Dangeliss · 15/06/2023 11:34

This sounds familiar, because this is what made it finally "click" for me seven years ago and I'm still clicking today! I'm really happy for you :)

KateyCuckoo · 15/06/2023 12:15

Thank you, i hope I'm doing enough that I'll see even a little change on the scales but equally I'm fed up of making myself miserable eating lettuce and cardboard. I need to feel good about myself.

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Musicaltheatremum · 15/06/2023 12:23

You're right. I'm a size 18/20 and none of my clothes fit so I feel awful. So awful I can't motivate myself to loose weight. I don't buy new clothes as "I won't need them when I'm slim" instead of accepting that I'd look better in better clothes that would help my self esteem. You make such a good point. Good luck on the weight loss journey

thecatsthecats · 15/06/2023 12:45

It's also a wonderful exercise if you're not losing weight, Marie Kondo style.

I'm pregnant, and I cleared out my wardrobe until its just two small box shelves - regular clothes that will still fit and look good, and maternity clothes I've bought.

It's lovely to look at a small pile of nice clothes and know that all of them fit and suit you. It kills off the shopping impulse because you can see everything you like.

(I keep variable sizes in the attic to swap in by season too, I don't just chuck them out.)

nobodysdaughternow · 15/06/2023 12:53

I hear ya! It's about stopping long enough from hating ourselves to actually allow our bodies what they need.

In my case it was a much bigger jeans waistband. Fucking years I spent being cut in half because I was planning to loose weight.

KateyCuckoo · 15/06/2023 13:34

I think we all have our hang ups about certain parts of our bodies, the problem with being overweight is everyone judges you for it. I have massive shame about my lack of self control but making myself suffer in the heat and in uncomfortable clothes that don't fit doesn't help anyone!

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