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Clever mumsnetters, please help me think of ideas for a series of posts

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stopthejetwashingmadness · 15/06/2023 09:32

I am helping out on some social media for a local charity and they want to do a whole pile of posts that are linked.
We have already done an A to Z guide and are planning "a day in the life of"
But my brain is completely blank on other ideas

OP posts:
sparkleice · 15/06/2023 09:36

posts that give clues to a word letter by letter

ThatFraggle · 15/06/2023 09:37

Chat gpt will do it for you

EduCated · 15/06/2023 09:38

Are you able to share roughly what the charity is about? I.e. is it animal rescue, legal support, youth charity etc.

Listicles can be fairly easy content - 5 things you might not know/5 top tips/5 people who have done or experienced XYZ.

Mythbusters? Particularly for Instagram, use the carousel feature to have a question on the first image, and then swipe to reveal the true/false answer.

Sparklfairy · 15/06/2023 09:38

This is exactly the kind of thing Chat GPT is brilliant for. Start your prompt with 'Act as a social media marketing expert' or similar, give a brief outline of the charity, and the kinds of posts you have in mind (that they are linked etc) - like a brief that you'd give a freelance SM manager, then say 'Generate 10 social media post ideas for the charity'.

LookingForFreeDoughnuts · 15/06/2023 09:39

ChatGPT will help.

DontBePassiveAggresive · 15/06/2023 09:40

You could use this for national days

katmarie · 15/06/2023 09:41

What (vaguely) does the charity do? Can you do a series of info/instruction posts relevant to the charity's work? For example if it was a pet rescue charity, a set of posts on pet care, or animal training, or similar. Or do a series of interviews with experts relating to the charity.

Or a series of 'international day of' relevant posts, eg 'here at bobs pet rescue we are celebrating international day of smiling,' with some pictures of rescue animals smiling adorably etc,

Google social media content calendar ideas, there will be loads of stuff out there.

EduCated · 15/06/2023 09:42

Also ‘behind the scenes’ if it is in anyway remotely interesting, a ‘meet the faces’ to introduce staff/volunteers.

Osj · 15/06/2023 10:05

As others have said chatgpt is great for this. Without knowing the charity purpose it's all a bit too vague.

Mingomang · 15/06/2023 10:08

saw a good pride month series of posts where the charity introduced some of their LGBTQetc employees. It was really well done and focussed on their route to the job, speciality job related research etc rather than sexuality. Could you do something similar for your employees/volunteers/service users for various special months?

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