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Spare bedroom tax

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princessconsuelabananahammock91 · 14/06/2023 20:20


I've tried checking this online however I've not been able to find anything to answer my question.
My dad (retirement age but working ft) and mum (under retirement age by two years, unable to work for about 10 years due to several disabilities, currently undergoing pip application. Currently just receiving small amount of UC to top up dad's wage).

They have been struggling to get by for a long time now, and one of the things we've been discussing is the spare bedroom tax. Does anyone know if this is still applicable if a married couple are still in a relationship, living together but do not sleep in the same bedroom?
Separate sleeping arrangements are due to said disabilities, dad's own poor health which causes issues with sleeping etc.
I will of course be checking with the proper channels, but before I delve too deeply, I was wondering if anyone had any experience of this?


OP posts:
Lizzt2007 · 14/06/2023 20:45

Basically op it will depend on whether mum gets dla /aa/ I retain level of pip awarded. If she does then they won't be liable for bedroom tax. If she doesn't then they will. However once mum reaches pension age they also wont be liable.

Spare bedroom tax
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