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Making new friends?

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MMB2023 · 14/06/2023 09:15

I just don't know where to start with trying to make new friends.
I've signed up to Bumble For Friends and Nextdoor, are there any other apps or sites which are free and good for making genuine new friends?
Any other ideas please?

A little background info on my current situation:
I have just split with my partner of 12 years, my decision.
I've now moved back to my home town, and my family are local again which is great.
I'm on a very tight budget so don't have the spare cash to join clubs, go out for meals etc.
I've been in my current employment for 9 years, and have been working from home since 2020.

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MMB2023 · 12/07/2023 20:23


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frozendaisy · 12/07/2023 20:32

Can you not use your family, their friends,their neighbours start from there?
Old friends who never moved, have moved back as well?

ricekrispi · 12/07/2023 20:36

I'm not a member but our village WI is very popular and has a mix of ages, could you try that locally to you?

SM33 · 12/07/2023 20:36

There’s Meet-up.

ricekrispi · 12/07/2023 20:37

How old are you? Do you have DC? Could you change jobs/get a second job that is in person to help with finances/find new opportunities to make friends?

Mumof3girlsandaboy · 12/07/2023 20:42

Hi OP, try the app called peanut. You might meet someone locally

isitaline97 · 12/07/2023 21:12

I'm here to suggest peanut too 😊

SaccharineDream · 12/07/2023 21:22

I would not do this online.
I have had a new start, new place, but wfh so have been a little isolated.
What i had to do was get involved locally, so did a few voluntary stints (xmas market, etc) and met some like minds and one good friend that way.
I think the whole app/web thing is more isolating and actually the long route since you cant immediately weed out ....inappropriate people.

In real life is still the optimal way to meet others, shared interests, from a short course ion something you love to joining groups like walkers, sport, art, whatever floats your boat.

Niche stuff is good for forming new bonds, if there are real life meet ups.

I moved somewhere more rural yet with good infrastructure and met other artists/friends via voluntary work at a jetty on the lake, a book group, helping at a local gallery and through earning extra income walking puppies!

Ladylonglegs · 12/07/2023 21:24

try some local volunteer work.

UsingChangeofName · 12/07/2023 22:02

To make genuine friends, join something you enjoy.
That could be a sport you enjoy or a music group or choir, or a book club or a rambling group or becoming something like a Scout or Guide Leader or a campaign group or volunteering in any one of 1000 different ways.

MMB2023 · 16/07/2023 09:51

Thanks for the suggestions
Open to any others Smile

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