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Car inspiration

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Eezee · 14/06/2023 01:10

Not bought a new car in nearly 20 years but my current much loved motor is on its last legs & needs replacing v urgently.

So I'm looking for car-spiration! Based on experience rather than cars you'd like to have ifywim. Budget is in the used market range, up to 10k although I might be able to stretch to 12k at a push.

Currently have a Toyota yaris which I have loved. I wouldn't want to go smaller. It will be our only car & needs to be super reliable for a good number of years as I don't change cars often. It's to do me & my 2 teens.

I keep looking at newer yaris but I want / need to open my mind to possible alternatives.

What else is super reliable, decent at holding value, good for safety & economic on fuel...?

OP posts:
VladimirVsVolodymyr · 14/06/2023 01:22

A hybrid Yaris?

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