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It’s stupid hot so of course my fridge freezer decided to break.

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PriamFarrl · 13/06/2023 23:52


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Deathbyfluffy · 13/06/2023 23:53

That’s annoying - but it’s the time they’re most likely to break as they’re being worked extra hard.

That probably doesn’t help, though - sorry!

PriamFarrl · 14/06/2023 00:09

Oh I don’t blame it really. I’d give up the ghost if I could. Still a bastard though.

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Justleaveitblankthen · 14/06/2023 00:48

My old one played up every summer but sprung back to life in Autumn 😶

BarbaraofSeville · 14/06/2023 04:47

Is it completely dead, or just not holding temperature? If its the latter, vacuum all the external vents and also make sure there's nothing crammed up against the ones inside and it might save it.

We have The Fridge Freezer That Will Live Forever. It's just coming up to 25 now and some years ago I thought it was on its way out during a hot spell so I did the above and it lives on to this day.

I should replace it, especially as it costs at least twice as much in electricity to run as a new one would, but I'm curious as to how long it will last, left to its own devices.

EmmaEmerald · 14/06/2023 05:18

Is it due to the surrounding temps? The fridge and freezer in my old flat did that because it was too hot for them to cope.

PriamFarrl · 14/06/2023 06:20

Tried cleaning the vents out and the kitchen is a really cool room as it doesn’t get any direct sunlight.
New one ordered.

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