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14 hours of fasting and blood sugar is 5.6

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DyslexicPoster · 13/06/2023 11:47

Not diabetic but been close to pre diabetes in the past so I sporadically monitor my blood glucose.

I ate last night at 10pm. Possibly earlier. On waking my blood glucose was 5.9 after ten hours. I had one cup of tee with no sugar just two sweaters and 14 hours since I last ate with this just cup of tea it's 5.6.

Is this OK?

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Remotecontrolatmyside · 13/06/2023 12:19

Going to bed with high blood sugar levels can mean your body takes longer to reduce them. Sometimes if you've not eaten for a long time your body compensates and your blood sugar levels go up slightly. Is there a reason you're worried or monitoring?

DyslexicPoster · 13/06/2023 12:28

Only because I have been just over then just under with my hb1ac before.

I'm also leaking fluid into my macular which the hospital thinks is due to my high BP. I suspect its partly due to being just under prediabetic

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