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DD with cough on holiday

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CoughingOnHoliday · 13/06/2023 06:49

Currently in Spain with 8yo DD and she had a bit of a sore, tickly throat the day we flew out but it is now a nasty barking cough. She hasn’t got a temperature and feels ok generally. I’ve only got ibuprofen and calpol with us.

It’s my first time travelling as a single parent and we are here another 5 days so trying to decide whether it would be worth seeing a doctor. I wouldn’t at this point at home but she’s exhausted from coughing all the night (and I am too)…wwyd?

OP posts:
llamallama6384 · 13/06/2023 06:51

Find the local pharmacy. In my experience they have been fantastic in Spain.

Hope she recovers quickly and can enjoy your holiday!

NowZeusHasLainWithLeda · 13/06/2023 06:51

I'd ask in a pharmacy. As in the UK, they're very knowledgeable and may give you something or tell you if they think you should see a doctor.

CoughingOnHoliday · 13/06/2023 07:19

Thanks both of you! Pharmacy seems the logical step, I’d forgotten they existed! The aircon definitely seems to be making it worse for her so will try and leave that off while we are in the room.

Thanks again!

OP posts:
NowZeusHasLainWithLeda · 13/06/2023 18:43

How is she now? The Aircon will definitely be aggravating it.
Hope she feels better soon.

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