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How's is love island still on!

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thimbbwebelr153 · 12/06/2023 07:54

I have just read that there are four suicides linked to the show! That's crazy.

I'm not taking about liking the show or not but surely there is something very wrong with the production.

Are they deliberately choosing venerable people or is the aftercare not good enough
Either way I'm shocked it's still on

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AssertiveGertrude · 12/06/2023 07:56

I watched it the year Mollie and Maura was on and really enjoyed it but I don’t agree with the whole concept and think it’s not good for young people to watch

its probably on because it gets enough ratings

i think they have a care team now after the poor people who it affected / took their lives. Awful

I imagine vulnerable people are the type to apply too so that is a factor in it all

thimbbwebelr153 · 12/06/2023 08:04

I remember when a suicide was linked to Jeremy Kyle. It was cancelled immediately and that was only one! Obviously I know there may have been more that we never heard about. It seems a double standard (just to clarify I think Jeremy should have been cancelled terrible show)

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