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Stainless steel bottle

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SharkSip · 11/06/2023 19:34

I am looking at a bottle online. I like the design on the bottle. The bottle is a stainless steel bottle. It's not insulated.

I love insulated bottles and I have an insulated bottle. I am apprehensive about a stainless steel bottle without insulation. I would prefer and insulated bottle.

Are stainless steel bottles horrible to drink from?

OP posts:
JellyBabyToManual · 11/06/2023 20:18

What is your insulated bottle made of?

ChrisPPancake · 11/06/2023 20:22

Dc have (insulated) stainless steel bottles with the metal necks. They've never complained about drinking from them so I assume they're fine.
I've got an insulated steel bottle but it has a straw type lid so I don't drink straight from the bottle.

IbizaToTheNorfolkBroads · 11/06/2023 23:20

I have a few stainless steel insulated bottles. They are fine to drink from, much nicer than plastic in fact.

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