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Mum equivalent of a 'goody bag'??

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saltandvinegardiscos · 11/06/2023 18:23

It's a bit of a running joke that I get my nephews and nieces a bag of silly presents alongside their proper present for their birthdays. For example, sweets they're not normally allowed, slime/ kinetic sand, blind bags of things they love like Harry Potter etc.

For my sister's birthday, I'd like to get her some things along those lines, but for mums!

What would you like in a little goody bag of surprises?

OP posts:
Mumsnut · 11/06/2023 18:24

Tinned cocktail?

saltandvinegardiscos · 11/06/2023 18:25

Ooh yes. I've seen some nice-looking little ones in M&S that would be great.

OP posts:
OneThingAndThenTheNext · 11/06/2023 18:26

Face mask?

BodegaSushi · 11/06/2023 18:28

Cheeky key ring if she's into that kind of humour. Or just a nice key ring

MiddleParking · 11/06/2023 18:28

I wouldn’t, all the mums I know would like nothing better than fewer random things cluttering up their houses. Those new little cans of cocktail from M+S are cracking though, if she likes her drinks strong.

OddsocksinmyDocs · 11/06/2023 18:28

Earplugs Grin

MrsR87 · 11/06/2023 18:29

A gin miniature
A mini Prosecco
bar of dark chocolate
face mask
Nice pen
hand cream
hair bobbles
voucher for babysitting (by you) 😀

Grumpyfroghats · 11/06/2023 18:31

If someone did this for me, I would like:

A key ring with a nice family photo
A cocktail or gin miniature
Some of those spiral hairbands which stay in but I always lose
Small jewelry like earrings

Whataretheodds · 11/06/2023 18:31

I wouldn't thank you for prosecco, I find it sickly. What does she enjoy drinking?

saltandvinegardiscos · 11/06/2023 18:32

Thanks everyone :)

@MiddleParking yes, I don't want to give a bag of tat that will just fill a drawer and get chucked out. I think useable things are the way to go, like the cocktails and face masks.

OP posts:
Applesinmyhouse · 11/06/2023 18:32

Bath bomb or bath oil, lip gloss, sheet mask and pick n mix lol.

saltandvinegardiscos · 11/06/2023 18:33

Pick n mix!! <3

OP posts:
wildfirewonder · 11/06/2023 18:33

It depends what she likes, as there are no generic 'mum' gifts that aren't shit.

For me, I'd like wildflower seeds, a copy of Private Eye, Maltesers and an escape card game.

saltandvinegardiscos · 11/06/2023 18:34

Oh, the wildflower seeds are a great idea.

OP posts:
MrsTerryPratchett · 11/06/2023 18:35

wildfirewonder · 11/06/2023 18:33

It depends what she likes, as there are no generic 'mum' gifts that aren't shit.

For me, I'd like wildflower seeds, a copy of Private Eye, Maltesers and an escape card game.

This. I am not Generic Woman and so things like sheet masks would be annoying not good.

pbdr · 11/06/2023 18:36

Oh I'd definitely second pick n mix. It's not a thing you can really buy yourself as an adult (at least without it being a bit embarrassing) but mega nostalgic

luckylavender · 11/06/2023 18:40

Book, nail file, note pad, bar of her fav chocolate

HoobleDooble · 11/06/2023 18:41

A very sweary inappropriate sticker, coaster or badge from Katie Abey.

NuffSaidSam · 11/06/2023 18:44

I'd like:

Terry's Chocolate Orange
Pic n mix
Carmex lip balm
Nice note pad
Pick of hair bobbles
Mini perfume
Scratch card

ANewAdventure · 11/06/2023 18:44

A sweary pen. Or a nice one, depending on your recipient.

Neals yard white tea face mist (if it’s still likely to be warm after the birthday!)

PrincessHoneysuckle · 11/06/2023 18:45

Vodka and a scratch card

MagratsDanglyCharms21 · 11/06/2023 18:50

My bil gets me a scratch card every Xmas. I love the anticipation! Also, a goody bag that is a reusable 'nice' bag. I also never turn down a lip gloss!

WonderDays · 11/06/2023 18:50

Mini Prosecco
mini baileys
tiny box of Lindt balls or pack of three Ferrero Roche

AromanticSpices · 11/06/2023 18:53

Id like:
One of those weekly planner paper pads with a magnet to stick in the fridge, or similar
Puzzle book (logic puzzles or fun lateral thinking ones)
Definitely decent cocktail cans - not tried the m&s ones but Moth are nice
Sweets or Lindor
Scratch cards

DyslexicPoster · 11/06/2023 19:05

Travel size toiletries from M&S apothecary range. I love them

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