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Job interview wobble

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whatdoidooooo · 11/06/2023 12:22

I really don't enjoy my job.

I work with great people and have great terms and conditions. It's pretty flexible and the holidays are fantastic. It's literally just my job in the place that I hate.

Anyway, I've been looking elsewhere and have an interview next week. But the money is already at least a 9k drop and the job is a two year contract. It would be an 11.5k drop if I get out in at the bottom of the scale.

Now my employer have offered us all a £3.5k payrise, so I could be taking an even bigger drop.

I don't know whether to withdraw my application and hope something else comes up in my own workplace?

Things would be quite tight if I got the new job on the lowest salary. But is is stupid to stay where I am just because of money, and liking everything bar the job itself??

OP posts:
Whataretheodds · 11/06/2023 12:24

Can you move or retrain internally? Don't just hope that something comes up - make it clear that you'd like a change and ask for support in making the transition to a different role.

Do you know what you'd like to do instead? Is that what this new application is for?

whatdoidooooo · 11/06/2023 12:52

Thanks for replying @Whataretheodds

They know I'm unhappy, and I've been mucked about a bit with another opportunity, to be honest. That came to nothing in the end.

I'd like to take a step back to an admin type role, or co-ordinator in my existing area, but we have a PT admin already.

The new job is admin/housing based, but the money won't be as good even if I moved up after training, and the T&C's are good, but not as good.

I'm just so stuck.

OP posts:
Whataretheodds · 11/06/2023 22:28

You're not stuck. It might feel like it now but you're not. Good admin people are valuable and have lots of transferable skills.

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