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Where to buy prom suit for ds age 16?

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daisydalrymple · 10/06/2023 23:55

Just that really, where’s a good place to start looking for a suit for ds for his prom? He’s around 5’10”, but still growing rapidly, so am reluctant to go too expensive as it’s likely he won’t wear it again. He’s keen to get a navy 3 piece. No clue where to start looking online. Got limited shops locally, so we might go further afield, but if we could do it online it would be easier. TIA.

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coolcahuna · 21/06/2023 10:00

I got my sons prom suit on Boohoo. We ordered quite a few different sizes, I did measure him but got chest size wrong. I got the unlimited £9.99 thing so it's free delivery and returns. He then did a mass try on at home which was easier than going shopping.

Got the shirt from Next.

Next have good suits as well when we looked. Asos less good range.

coolcahuna · 21/06/2023 10:02

Meant to say got the suit for £50, as like your son he's still growing. He's also 5'10 and we went for 32R trousers and 36R jacket.

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