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If you wear varifocals and use a computer monitor ...

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feelinbettanow · 10/06/2023 16:01

... which part of the lens do you use, top or bottom?

I've been using a laptop for a while, and looking down, through the bottom of the lens. But now I've switched to using a monitor and wanting to look straight ahead, through the top part of the lens, but finding it blurry. I'm having to tip my head back slightly to look through the bottom, which of course hurts my neck after a while. I definitely need an eye test, but in the meantime I'm wondering if other varifocal wearers use a monitor ok. My prescription has otherwise been fine for further distances - its just the monitor that's a problem.

OP posts:
RoxyMuzak · 10/06/2023 16:09

I got out a tape measure. In my normal seated position my eye is 26 cm from my 24 inch monitor. I use the middle part of my varifocals. I am using the same prescription I requested for office work before I retired. I find the text more blurry if I look through the top part, and possibly a little sharper if I look through the bottom. Of course everybody's eyes are different. I use the top for distances, the middle for everything from about 20 cm from my nose to maybe 10 metres, and the bottom for close up work.

DisplayPurposesOnly · 10/06/2023 16:10

Is your monitor positioned correctly? Try sticking it on a few books to raise it up.

RoxyMuzak · 10/06/2023 16:11

Should add that these are trifocals with three zones, top, middle, and bottom.

Spidertights · 10/06/2023 16:12

I've never had to consciously think about it. It just always works. Did your optician do lots of measuring when they did the fitting? Not that I can suggest anything except maybe a chat with your optician.

RoxyMuzak · 10/06/2023 16:13

DisplayPurposesOnly · 10/06/2023 16:10

Is your monitor positioned correctly? Try sticking it on a few books to raise it up.

My monitor stands on a big dictionary. The bottom of the actual screen is 6.5 cm from the desk surface.

Yarnysaura · 10/06/2023 16:14

You might want to ask about occupational lenses where the reading and distant parts of varifocals are bigger, and you can have a little bit of distant vision at the top.

CaptainMyCaptain · 10/06/2023 16:14

I used single vision glasses for this.

Frenchfancy · 10/06/2023 16:23

My glasses sit on top of my head when I'm using the monitor.

They are great for everything else but not computers. I paid out for the blue light filter too. What a waste.

chickendippersoverhead · 10/06/2023 16:29

I have k my just started to need glasses and I have trifocals. The optician spent a lot of time discussing what I would wear the glasses for and measuring distances.

The bottom of my lens is close work eg phone, reading a book. The middle part is for screen work on my PC and the top part is for 'looking across the room'.

PTSDBarbiegirl · 10/06/2023 16:31

I'm trying to master this but find it easier to take glasses off. This is annoying because I only recently got the varifocals but just can't use to read on laptop, PC, tablet.

RoxyMuzak · 10/06/2023 16:34

if I need to look through the top part of the lenses a lot, I can slide the glasses a little way down my nose, so I can keep my head level.

SwedishEdith · 10/06/2023 16:36

I have to use the bottom of the lens and find I'm tilting my head back and lifting my glasses up so only using the very bottom. I definitely need a new eye test.

MuthaHubbard · 10/06/2023 16:38

This was me - in the end I had eyes retested and got single vision 'readers' which I use when working on monitor/screen

TheSmallAssassin · 10/06/2023 16:38

I have the top of my screens level with my eyes and about arms length away and mine are perfect - I guess I am looking through the middle part of the lens where it's halfway between near and distance? I got the most expensive lenses I could afford (second from the top of the price list) so my field of vision and the transitions between zones are good - I find I can see everything well.

HairyKitty · 10/06/2023 16:41

Ask to trial occupational lenses. There’s less overall distortion with the upper and middle parts for the monitor and the bottom for closer work

TheSmallAssassin · 10/06/2023 16:42

I've also tried occupational lenses whilst wearing single vision contact lenses, which had 2 metre distance at the top and reading at the bottom, but I hated them after being able to see everything with my varifocals.

PieonaBarm · 10/06/2023 16:49

I paid extra for these and they're brilliant for screens/phones/tv, never have to even think about which bit to look through.

RavenT · 10/06/2023 17:00

I wear varifocals most of the time, however for sustained screen use I have an 'office' lens. This is for near to intermediate vision. I tried reading glasses but couldn't get on with them.

InSpainTheRain · 10/06/2023 17:11

I had this problem OP. As I use computer monitors for my job all the time I got a pair of lenses made foe computer monitor work and they are brilliant!. I use the varifocals at all other times for reading and out & about.

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