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Anyone else think braces ruined their face?

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plugin12 · 10/06/2023 08:50

Had braces in my early 20's with 2 extractions to correct overbite and crooked lower teeth, knew I wouldn't get "perfect bite" because my jaw wasn't aligned perfectly but happy with initial results , 9 years later now and from about 4/5 years in clicking and pain in my jaw has got worse and worse , some days unbearable and even reading a book to my kids is too much, my mouth never rests comfortably in any position always feel tense and although I am older I'm only early 30's and I have lost all jaw and cheek bone definition , it's as though the overbite was actually holding up my facial features and now my actual teeth are in a straight line but my jaw is still off and my face has fallen down and merged into my neck Sad

Any one had experience of the same thing ? What would you do next ? Go back to the ortho after 9 years or go to my dentist and ask to see someone about jaw issue ?


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