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How long would a brand new car last?

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Heatherbell1978 · 10/06/2023 07:55

Considering getting a second run-around. Not immediately but we can see with 2 DC getting older how it may be useful. Family car is electric, bought/financed through work and before this we've had 4 years all 'bought' through lease companies so brand new cars we hand back at the end.
We might have the opportunity to buy outright with cash and for the type of cars I'm looking at (Fiat 500 type thing) there's not a huge difference between brand new and 2/3 years old.
Trying to work out if we just buy brand new how many years we could expect for it to be in decent nick? I've never done this before so trying to see what is more cost effective.

OP posts:
RequiresUpdating · 10/06/2023 08:14

Our last car (Skoda) was 8 years old before needing any repairs.

CatsOnTheChair · 10/06/2023 08:15

Well, my parents have just sold their 2014 VW, which was starting to need work. It has also been previously crashed into. It didn't look old just dirty if Dad had been using it for soil a lot

Fifthtimelucky · 10/06/2023 09:12

I am still driving the car I bought new in 2005 and it hasn't needed anything drastic doing to it. Admittedly it has fairly low mileage for its age (about 110,000).

I have recently ordered a new one and I'd expect that to last at least 15 years. I've gone for a Kia, partly because of the 7 year warranty.

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