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Camp America

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NotLikeTheOthers · 09/06/2023 10:59

Very excited DC (19) starting working at a camp next week - any advice or tips (for them or me!) please?

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GraysPapaya · 09/06/2023 11:01

It was the best summer of my life! She'll have a blast, I would say don't take too much stuff, it's generally very hot (1 jumper was fine all summer), take plenty of sun cream and bug spray! I'd also take some British sweets for the kids in her cabin, ours went mental for them and was a good ice breaker!

Nagado · 09/06/2023 11:57

My BiL did this when he was younger, it was the absolute making of him.

Bug spray. You can never have enough.

WhoWants2Know · 09/06/2023 12:58

The brits who did Camp America when I did were all gasping for a proper cup of tea, so some teabags wouldn't go amiss.

canada125 · 09/06/2023 12:59

Ah amazing! I did the programme for 5 summers, best thing I ever did and I still speak to all my friends from camp regularly.


  • Definitely pack more socks than you think you'll need!
  • They won't need lots of fancy clothes, a couple nice items will be enough.
  • Tell them to throw themselves into every opportunity. I ended up helping out in sailing lessons and loved it (was mainly teaching drama there).
  • Take advantage of the 30 day travel period after if possible, but don't stress about plans. They'll meet lots of other internationals at camp/they'll make American friends that they'll make plans with.
  • Keep some kind of journal, whether it's a photo/video journal or a diary. Even if they only write a couple sentences a day. It goes by so quickly and I'm so glad I wrote down little private jokes, funny things that happened to remember.
  • Take any home comforts, photos of family etc. The kids also love learning about your culture and most will not even know where the UK is (if you're from there). I took photos of home, a flag, etc.
  • Take their address and send them a couple care packages throughout the summer. My mum used to send me chocolate, skittles, a little note and some photos and it was such a highlight after a busy week. The kids will also love to try British chocolate (even if it turns up in a weird shape!).
  • Bring a portable fan or grab one at Walmart. A bum bag is also helpful.
  • Most importantly, be in the moment!!! Don't stress about getting wifi, remind them everything at home will be there when they get back. Take in the views, make the best memories and have an amazing summer.

It really was the making of me and I could never speak about it more highly.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Hope they have the best summer!!
RhosynBach · 09/06/2023 13:00

I loved it! The tea bags and chocolate there are awful so take plenty of them! Also tell her to be aware that the purple skittles are actually grape flavoured in america so don’t bite into one expecting a lovely blackcurrant flavour… 😂
she’ll have an amazing time. It’s quite hard work but really fun

Thirty5 · 09/06/2023 13:03

Oh to do that again- I loved it 🥰
I took a Polaroid camera as phone cameras weren’t very good when I went. Lots of bug spray, teabags, and a diary!

NotLikeTheOthers · 09/06/2023 13:52

Thank you SO much, I really appreciate it! I'm so excited for her - I know she'll love it. Now, how do Mum's cope?! 😓

OP posts:
Cakencookieobsessed · 09/06/2023 14:03

Condoms. I have a 6 foot 2, 17 year old souvenir from camp America. But hopefully she's more sensible than me.

Loopy3585 · 11/06/2023 13:40

My DC also 19 is flying out tomorrow to start at camp for the summer. Really hope they all have a good time. I’m a nervous wreck but they are fine 😂

LollipopViolet · 11/06/2023 14:43

I did it aged 25 - it made me! I was in a job I hated, had no confidence and needed a change.

To all those with DC flying out - tell them to throw themselves into every opportunity, enjoy every moment, travel after if they can, and buy shares in bug spray companies - you need a lot of it!

Oh I'd do it all again if I could take that long off work! Also, if any of them are contemplating the Australian working holiday visa - DO IT! I didn't, and am now too old. Regret that a lot.

WhatFreshHell1 · 11/06/2023 15:13

Slightly off topic but would any of you consider working Camp America for a season when you’re retired, or as a ‘mature’ person? Or would that be weird? It’s sounds awesome and I wish I’d done it as a youngster but I was too scared.

SaraG26 · 13/06/2023 07:26

how mature? I did it years ago and they had camp grannies to support kids who are homesick!
my son leaves for camp on Friday.. even though I know he’ll have a blast I am a nervous wreck worried about keeping in touch

Loopy3585 · 13/06/2023 10:07

My DC left yesterday. Long old day as their flight landed 2 hours early for their coach to camp so lots of waiting around at Newark airport. we left home at 6am to go to the airport and he arrived at camp at what would be 12am our time. I’ve told him to just message as and when he can. I’m sure they’ll all have an amazing time but we will miss them

SaraG26 · 15/06/2023 15:31

Yes it’s a long journey with lots of waiting around for mine too, he leaves tomorrow at 11am and he’ll get to camp at 11am (our time) the following day! Thanks to this thread I’ve packed bug spray and sweets, so thanks all 😊

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