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Factor 50 for sensitive, menopausal skin

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BustyBarbara · 09/06/2023 08:58

I have been using Green People factor 30 and that works really well for my skin. However, since becoming peri, I have developed sun marks on my neck and fore arms and have become very sensitive to sunlight - I'm thrilled!

Is there anything I can use on my sensitive face and body that works and won't bring me out in A)a rash from ingredients. B) protect from sun/UV.

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Excitingnewusername · 09/06/2023 16:41

I've always had stupid sensitive skin and am pale as milk. Currently very happy with Garnier Ambre Solar 'very high protection lotion 50 plus'. Light to apply, not too sticky and heavy on the skin, and about £5/6 for 175ml on offer.

It has quite a strong but really nice fragrance, which my skin has been fine with.

BustyBarbara · 09/06/2023 18:09

That sounds great, thank you.

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