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How to help my friend

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Mrspimplepopper · 08/06/2023 09:12


My very good friend has just received a cancer diagnosis, how can I help her please?

She has a child the same age as mine (10)...

What practical help can I offer? I don't know what to say either tbh..

Any advice would be very welcome

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Mrspimplepopper · 08/06/2023 17:42

Hopeful bump

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AndYou · 08/06/2023 17:53

I said to my friend we can talk about it if you want to but I can also still just chat daft stuff. He is recovered now and had some very difficult times, also has a young child she was only 4 when he was diagnosed.

I live at a distance so couldn’t do much practically except give him some advice on his employment right. But he knew I was always there if he needed an ear, as did his wife.

In your circumstances I would offer childcare, with holidays coming up as well if you can. When I was very unwell a number of years ago, it wasn’t cancer but it was awful and I was lucky to recover my friend looked after my DS every Friday in the summer holidays and also after school on Fridays for a while. He had fun, I was utterly drained from the treatment I was receiving and I was extremely grateful.

You do really find out who cares for you when you have a serious illness, my closest friend at the time couldn’t handle it, her reaction was and still is extremely hurtful. She basically dropped me. One of the Mums at school who I didn’t know that well came round and assisted with some chores when I was totally bedbound. She insisted, lovely woman.

Dacadactyl · 08/06/2023 17:55

Childcare, bring food (already cooked) to hers on occasion and maybe a spa day or something when she feels up to it. These are things a friend of mine said she found helpful.

Swg · 08/06/2023 17:59

Childcare is a life saver and so is bringing food. Also being am emergency contact with a car if she needs to get to/from hospital and can't drive

Mrspimplepopper · 08/06/2023 20:00

Thankyou these are great suggestions

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