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I've always struggled to sleep

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Peckhaminn24 · 07/06/2023 23:49

I've always been a night owl per day, but it's really grinding on me now. My partner falls asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow and I've never ever had that experience of being able to switch off. My mind goes wandering for hours on end over... nothing!

Does anyone have any tips? I've tried everything in the book. I'm actually debating sleeping pills at this rate because it can't be normal to just get 4-5 hours sleep a night surely?

OP posts:
lolosandals · 07/06/2023 23:52

I have no advice that’s likely to be useful for you but came on to say you sound just like me! They say step away from your phone and try to read for an hour before bed instead. Would white noise help you?

dudsville · 07/06/2023 23:57

I've been reading for 5 hours, sleep isn't in the horizon so I've taken a sleep inducing antihistamine. I've Airways druggies, like you op, its not anxiety that keeps me up. I acutely get bored of my own mind's wandering as well.

IntheSnowySnowyMountains · 08/06/2023 00:02

I listen to an audiobook - for me it provides the right combination of soothing and interesting. For some reason music just wakes me up! I take sleep aids as well, including Valerian, Doylamine and melatonin.

Gardendad · 08/06/2023 00:05

Passiflora drops.

Flatandhappy · 08/06/2023 02:32

Prescription melatonin. Can’t get to sleep without it.

lljkk · 08/06/2023 05:21

Sympathies OP, I don't sleep great either & never have. 4-5 hrs is probably becoming my normal, too. Been awake now since 3:47am. I've blitzed thru 2 podcasts since then before giving up & got laptop out (actually one of the podcasts got me curious & started googling more info...). I won't try sleeping pills & everything else doesn't work for me.

In a moment, I Will try again to sleep for a little while. My only successful strategy is to resist temptation to get out of bed, instead stay dark & quiet & try again (until work & childcare demands require otherwise).

StrictlyAFemaleFemale · 08/06/2023 06:07


Weighted blanket.

I listen to a podcast Noble Blood. It's like having someone tell you a bedtime story.

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