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11 days alone at home…

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MissChief001 · 07/06/2023 20:54

I’ve been alone 10/12 years back however in the recent years not for this long. Usually I have my daughter to look after. Husband and daughter planning a break so I will be all by myself…I don’t have friend of family here but will be working during the weekdays, will go for my run, go and work in a cafe etc .. I’m used to being lonely but wondering incase if an emergency or (my absolute fear) a break in what would I do..
if anyone been in my scenario
how was it?
if you had a similar irrational fear how did you manage…

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Flockameanie · 07/06/2023 20:56

sounds like bliss to me!
In an emergency, call 999...

MissChief001 · 07/06/2023 21:01

@Flockameanie yes I do like the idea..struggle with anxiety so I think it’s my silly brain kicking off

OP posts:
Flockameanie · 07/06/2023 21:02

Ah, well it sounds like the anxiety is the issue, not the being home alone...

TammyJones · 07/06/2023 21:03

When dh was away for a similar I just carried on as normal.
Made sure the house was secure and rechecked all doors ,windows etc before turning in.
I have good neighbours so in a pinch I'd go round there for help.
I have my phone need by so a call to 999 should the worse happen
But day 1 clean the house and then enjoy the freedom.
Work permitting- gardening, walking , good food , wine and Netflix- they'll be back before you know it.

Beginningless · 07/06/2023 21:04

Wow this sounds wonderful. Maybe take the time to download a meditation app or go to classes? Use this as a practice to stop anxious thoughts as they arise. It’s not easy but you need a determination not to follow these kind of thoughts or give them oxygen. This is what meditation is, training in controlling your mind and the more you learn it in formal meditation, the more you can practice in this way outwith.

mindutopia · 07/06/2023 21:05

Same as you would handle stuff if they were home, just ring someone (police, plumber, etc). God that sounds amazing though. On very rare occasions, Dh takes the kids away for a night (I still have a million bloody animals to look after) and it’s wonderful. I can do whatever I want.

Angelofthenortheast · 07/06/2023 21:07

I think a lot of us here would dream of having that amount of time alone, it could be like a big reset for you in terms of relaxation and rest. I'd be doing a face mask, netflix and chaotic all over the floor craft project every night!

But RE breakins or emergency, just keep your phone with you for 999. You will be ok. Have fun!

MissChief001 · 07/06/2023 21:10

Thank you for your lovely messages and encouragement- yes I’m planning of going and with cleaning on day 1
and then not doing any housework but looking after my mental and emotional well-being - which have been neglected for so long

OP posts:
Neverknowinglysensible · 07/06/2023 21:20

good advice from PP about spending the first couple of days sorting and cleaning. Try to plan in things that you can look forward to on your days off: shopping somewhere different, going to somewhere you like/ new, home spa day, etc. Also plan in meals you particularly like and perhaps no one else in your household does, and make an occasion of it. I like to have a project to work towards to, e.g. redecorating a room.
re the anxiety about something happening: Once home, lock any access. Make sure someone in work you know and trust checks that you’re in each day, and is prepared to contact whoever if you’re not; keep phone with you at all times for reassurance. Again, if there is a neighbour you can trust, let them know you are on your own and ask them to keep an eye out for you.
And enjoy the me-time!

MicrowaveRice · 07/06/2023 21:25

DH took the kids to see grandparents when they were young, for 4 nights I think? God it was bliss! Did a big clean then ate cereal and ready meals for the rest of the time, watched my TV programmes, read books, went to bed late or early as I fancied, just relaxed! Enjoy your time off.

DustyLee123 · 07/06/2023 21:27

I used to put the rolling pin next to my bed !

CrumpetsandJammmm · 07/06/2023 21:30

If I’m home alone I always still have my phone on (so not on nighttime or airplane mode) during the night, and check the doors and windows first just to reassure myself. But try and reframe it in your mind to something to enjoy and make the most of - plan a job you’ve been meaning to do, catch up with anyone you can, that sort of thing.

crackofdoom · 07/06/2023 21:30

The brilliant thing about doing a big clean at the start of your empty house period is that it will stay clean until everyone gets back. You will get to enjoy the fruits of your labours

(unless hungover you comes downstairs in the morning to find that drunk you trashed the kitchen last night. Speaking strictly theoretically here you understand 😆)

BarbaraofSeville · 07/06/2023 21:40

You don't mention any pets which is good.

DP works away a lot and several times I've been woken up by a load of crashing about in the kitchen. The first time I was quite scared and starting to think about hiding in the walk in wardrobe in case 'they' came upstairs.

I then realised it was the cats knocking the washing up off the draining board and intruders would probably have made less noise.

TWmover · 07/06/2023 21:53

Definitely agree with meditation apps/sleep stories and I've also found keeping a routine helps. If I go to bed too late or much later than usual when home alone the anxiety at bedtime heightens for some reason. Most importantly really lean into what you feel like, how you want to spend your time and do it. Then mentally it becomes cherished time rather than something to endure or get through.

MissChief001 · 07/06/2023 23:02

@BarbaraofSeville no pets!

OP posts:
Judystilldreamsofhorses · 07/06/2023 23:14

My DP works away about 40% of the time. Often he is in places with poor signal so it can feel a bit strange. I tend to do a big clean on the first day, and fresh bedding. I don’t usually cook much when he’s away, and get in things he doesn’t like (I love fish but he doesn’t eat it, so the cat enjoys when it’s just her and me!). I don’t drive, but have a neighbour lined up who would take me anywhere in an emergency. I also have a friend in another city who I “watch a show with” on WhatsApp - eg tonight we watched Love Island “together” - which is a nice way of spending an evening in by myself. I make sure I make plans for the weekend because otherwise it can be a bit boring if I am not seeing people like on work days. I also have a lot of long baths which is my favourite thing!

I always chain the front door (which we don’t usually do) but otherwise don’t really think about security

MissChief001 · 10/06/2023 17:14

It’s confirmed- they are going in July and I’m planning ways of managing my anxiety and making most of this time

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