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Will private consultant inform the GP?

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notlisteningwithmother · 07/06/2023 20:38

I took DD to a private hospital, covered by my insurance, for something minor that would not be covered by NHS. Will the consultant automatically inform our GP, or would he have to ask permission first? I don't remember signing anything but maybe we don't need to.

OP posts:
tealandteal · 07/06/2023 20:38

When I went they sent me a letter with a summary of what happened/what they diagnosed and said please pass the letter to my GP. Which I haven’t yet.

TheSnowyOwl · 07/06/2023 20:46

I’ve always had a copy of a letter that has been sent to my GP.

mynameiscalypso · 07/06/2023 20:47

Did you provide your GP details? That normally includes a bit about consent to contact them.

notlisteningwithmother · 07/06/2023 21:49

Thank you for the replies. We filled in a form that included GP details but I don't think there was anything there about communication with the GP. I might be wrong. But the consultant did mention a letter to follow in the next few days so maybe that's for me to share with our GP. I'll see what the letter says when it arrives and phone to ask if it's not clear.

OP posts:
reluctantbrit · 07/06/2023 21:58

We always get a copy of the letter the consultant sends to the GP. Only for MH treatment DD has and I had in the past, the GP only gets the notification that there is treatment but not any details unless we agree.

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