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Guess which paragraph is written by AI?

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yasijasi · 07/06/2023 17:22

Is AI really taking over, threatening the job of multiple people including copywriters? Is it almost human-like? Only one of the following paragraphs is written by a human, the rest are all ChatGPT. Can you try and guess which one?

P1: 5.30 a.m. I wake up with a start. Groggily I reach out for my phone and hastily check Skype to see if there are any messages from Brian – my long distance partner of two decades who I have never met. Yes, you heard me right. Ours is one of those stories most people find it difficult to believe. We had met online in 2004. And it was love at first chat and have never looked back ever since. Strangely enough, he is more real to me than the people I interact with every day. So I can safely conclude that in this age of changing partners like clothes, we are still going strong. 

P2: Alright, mate, 'ere's me mornin' routine, straight from the Queen Vic! I wake up bleedin' early, around 6:00am, mind you. Gotta get ready for the day, innit? First, I stumble outta me pit and trudge to the kitchen for a proper cuppa. Can't start the day without a brew, right? Then, by around 7:00am, I'm off to sort me barnet out in front of the mirror. Gotta make sure I look half-decent before facin' the world. After that, it's brekkie time, 'round 7:30am. Nothin' fancy, just a bit o' toast and a banger or two, maybe some beans. Finally, by 8:00am, I'm out the door, off to earn a crust at work, or to catch up with the mob down at the market. Life in Walford, mate, never a dull moment!

P3: So, the alarm clock rudely interrupts my beauty sleep at 7:00am. I hit the snooze button like it owes me money, because let's be honest, mornings aren't my jam. Eventually, I crawl out of bed, looking like a walking zombie, and stumble to the kitchen for a cup of liquid sanity, also known as coffee. It's my lifeline, you know? Once I'm slightly more awake, I jump in the shower and unleash my Grammy-worthy singing skills. Sorry, neighbors! By 8:00am, I'm usually in front of the mirror, trying to make my hair look presentable, but let's be real, it's a losing battle. Then it's time for a quick breakfast, usually a bowl of cereal or a sad-looking slice of toast. And off I go, ready to conquer the world... or at least survive another day of lectures. Let the academic adventure begin!

P4: I commence my mornings with the elegant precision befitting my refined stature. The alarm, set discreetly for 7:30am, interrupts my peaceful slumber, as I gracefully rise from my opulent bed. I slip into a tailored suit, meticulously selected from my extensive collection, and embark on a delightful journey of self-improvement. The morning routine consists of a revitalizing workout session at the most exclusive gym, followed by a rejuvenating skincare regimen that ensures my visage radiates an air of perpetual success. By 9:00am, I savor a meticulously prepared artisanal breakfast, accompanied by a freshly brewed cup of imported tea, as I peruse the morning edition of esteemed publications. With my head held high, I venture forth into the world, a paragon of sophistication, poised to conquer the challenges that lie before me.

P5: I'm a proud mama, moved to the UK a few years back, but still learning the ropes. The alarm clock goes off at 7:00am, and I reluctantly peel myself out of bed, feeling like a sleep-deprived zombie. My toddler's already up and about, ready to conquer the world before breakfast. I stumble into the kitchen, praying for a strong cuppa to jumpstart my energy levels. It's a constant juggle of nappies, feedings, and nursery rhymes throughout the morning. Trying to decipher what my little one wants can feel like cracking a secret code sometimes. By midday, I'm dreaming of a nap, but alas, the adventures of motherhood never stop. Despite the exhaustion, there's nothing more rewarding than seeing my toddler's cheeky smile. It's a whirlwind, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

OP posts:
BreviloquentBastard · 07/06/2023 17:25


Angelofthenortheast · 07/06/2023 17:25

Either 3 or 4 is the human one

Dahliasrule · 07/06/2023 17:26

I thought five!

Vanillalime · 07/06/2023 17:27

I vote for 3!

BreviloquentBastard · 07/06/2023 17:28

Out of curiosity I just asked ChatGPT to identify which one was written by a human and it reckons P1.

MrsJellybee · 07/06/2023 17:28

I think 3.

Mojitomogul · 07/06/2023 17:29

I think P3 or 5

speedtalker · 07/06/2023 17:29

5? I got chatgpt to write and opener for a murder mystery and it had the sleuth ‘finding herself being drawn closer’ to the corpse.

Anoooshka · 07/06/2023 17:30

I think number 5; it just sounds more real. The others sound like paragraphs taken from badly written novels.

Though maybe it could be P1? There are some commas missing, so it could be written by a human. Is ChatGPT strong on grammar?

anythinginapinch · 07/06/2023 17:30
  1. No chat bot would write with such style!
LittleLegsKeepGoing · 07/06/2023 17:32

They're all horribly contrived and written thematically. None would get past our copy writers as a 'real life' account of someone starting their day.

3 and 4 have Americanisms in them that are giveaways. 2 is too fake but could be overcompensating to throw people off. 1 & 5 are too contrived.

I'd basically think "troll" if anyone wrote any of the paragraphs as a post on here.

speedtalker · 07/06/2023 17:32

I’m really interested in the potentials of Bard, chatgpt and other AI if there’s a potential for an ongoing conversation about them!

sashagabadon · 07/06/2023 17:33

3 is the human one?

Anoooshka · 07/06/2023 17:35

Hmm. Thinking about it again, P5 sounds a bit strange. Maybe because it's written by someone who hasn't grown up in the UK? Do women usually call themselves proud mamas? And if it's not a British person, why are they having a cuppa? All the paragraphs seem full of cliches (can't find the accent on my keyboard!).

FullOfBiscuit · 07/06/2023 17:36

I think 4.

yasijasi · 07/06/2023 17:36

Very interesting replies and analysis!! I'll give you the answers once a few more people have guessed x

OP posts:
Ageingweightlifter · 07/06/2023 17:36

I think 3. The others have been asked to write in the 'style of' and 3 seems less like that?? but really...its hard!

Chatillon · 07/06/2023 17:36


I suspect AI would be trained to never start a sentence with the word "So...".

There is one other point here. We are being asked to decide. I am pretty sure that when AI is in full swing it will be the human skill set that is brought in to decide on the choices AI will give us.

SoupDragon · 07/06/2023 17:37

3 and 4 have American spellings so I'm saying those are AI.
1 is so awful I can't believe a human would write it.

So, 2 or 5... 🤔 Probably 5 because of the stereotypical mock cockney in 2. Unless Danny Dire wrote it.

RaininSummer · 07/06/2023 17:37

Voting for number 1 as being written be a human. The others seem more formulaic.

GrannyAchingsShepherdsHut · 07/06/2023 17:37

I think 4 too.

RustyFaridabad · 07/06/2023 17:38

All of them are AI

lulalulalula · 07/06/2023 17:38

I think number 1 but they could all be.

EamonsPalliativeCareTracksuit · 07/06/2023 17:39
atthebottomofthehill · 07/06/2023 17:40

I think Number 1 is the human one because the grammar doesn't quite scan. The others are all pretty perfectly written. Also, who uses Skype?! Lol.

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